Our Smurf Blue House: a lesson watching paint dry

A few weeks back, I stopped over at the house immediately after the painters had completed the paint on the exterior of the home. This is what I saw:


Yes, it’s smurf blue.


I had a small panic attack because this was absolutely not the color we had chosen. After freaking out all night and getting very little sleep, I went over to the house the next morning and this is what I saw:


Bumble #20: Watching paint dry. I’m sure it was a combination of the time of day and duration the paint had to dry, but man, what a difference ~12 hours makes in the color of the home.

A few days before the paint went on, the garage doors were installed:


I love color of them. They look like wood, but they’re actually a painted metal product (I’ll never have to worry about maintenance).

They also stained all of the bead board ceilings and beam work on the outside:


Here’s the front porch. We plan to stain the front doors to match the darker color of the beams.


And here’s a view of the rear porch.

Moving inside all of the granite has been installed:


I think the rectangular sinks really set the granite off in our master bath.


Here’s a shot of the one of the two vanities in the jack and jill bath.


The guest bath (they forgot the sink at the time of install).


Here’s the powder room vanity DIY project. I love how they curved the front of the granite to match the curve of the vanity. They still need to install a vessel sink on top which will come in a few weeks.


The butler’s pantry turned out awesome with the chiseled edge front. I can’t wait to see this area with lights on above it.


And finally the kitchen. The receptacle box in the middle of the island is going to have subway tile wrapped around the sides with another piece of granite installed on top. The subway tile will also serve as the backsplash on long perimeter wall.

The painters have also been busy inside. Here’s a couple of shots to give you a flavor of the work that’s been completed so far:


The first shot shows the keeping room with board and batten trim and the second photo shows the wainscoting in the mud room.

We stopped in this morning and they were starting the railings for the stairs:


I think the big newel posts are going to look amazing when they’re all stained up.

Moving back outside, the metal roof and gutters have been installed and the driveway and sidewalk are prepped for concrete:


They should pour the concrete tomorrow (sorry for the crappy photo).

Our builder has committed to having the house completed by Halloween, although we hope we can move in a few days before to be able to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids. It’s crazy to think that one month from now we’ll be living in this home.

This week the hardwoods will be installed. They need about 2 days to install them, 1 day to sand, and another 2 days for staining/polying the floor, so there will be virtually no other progress on the inside until they finish up. Once that’s done, all of the trades (i.e., electricians, plumbers, and painters) will come back to do the finish work on the homes.

Our builder expects to get our certificate of occupancy by mid-month…fingers crossed for a better inspector than last time!


A long overdue update on the progress of the home

Rather than drone on about everything that has been completed since the last update (6 weeks ago, sorry for delay), I figured it would be better to show with a series of pictures. First off, here’s what the lot looked like after the existing structure had been completely removed and the rough grade was complete:


Bumble #17: Not roping off the two, big trees on the lot till too late. A lot of big machinery drove around on the lot and got very close to the tree trunks…I hope they didn’t damage the root systems of the trees before we got them cordoned off. Only time will tell…

Next, here’s a photo showing the footings that were dug and later filled with concrete to support the foundation:


I don’t have a shot of the poured footings, but here are a few pictures showing the progress on the foundation over the last week or so. You’ll notice we have brick on three sides of the home and then the front is concrete block, which will later be covered in stone:


They came back a few days ago to complete the steps which look really cool (I really like the cathedral style steps that wrap around):

photo (7)

After that, they completed the interior prep (lining the ground under the home in a very small small rock layer that helps with drainage):

image (4)

Then they back-filled the foundation and began framing:

photo (8)image (3)

You can see the final grade of the home in this shot as well…they had to bring in some fill dirt to help with drainage on left side of the house. The floor joists are in and they should be laying the decking and beginning the first floor walls today. I’m really, really happy with how the home sits on the lot. It’s almost square in dimension (70′ x 70′ at it’s widest points) but the irregular symmetry of the foundation walls of the “keeping room” are going to look amazing when the walls go up.

In other news, we’ve selected our garage doors, front doors, exterior paint, and appliances. For the hardiboard siding, we decided to go with a slate blue color, trimmed out with an off white color:

download labradorite_sw7619_paint_by_sherwin_williams_5135451542928

The next big decision is to go to the cabinet makers shop to begin our making our selections. It’s a 4 hour meeting, so I hope we can make some serious progress in that time. This week also marks the first construction draw against our loan. Our builder has met the requirements for the first major milestone of completing the foundation, so the bank has asked for our approval to release the funds to the builder. I approved the request and a check was cut for my builder. A corresponding amount was added to my construction loan (e.g., if the prior loan amount was for $100k, and the first draw was for $20k, the new mortgage payment will be based on $120k). This goes on until after the sixth and final draw, when construction is complete, and we convert to a traditional 30 year mortgage.

Framing should be done in 2 weeks, so I expect to be able to post some great progress in the next post (which I promise will not be as delayed as this one).