T-minus 7 days until we move in

It’s been a crazy month but we’re moving in next Tuesday! Our builder secured the certificate of occupancy yesterday and now he’s just putting the final touches our house. Lots of finishing details have been completed since my last update and I won’t give away everything, as I want there to be some surprise when I show the final photos of the home.

Here are some photos of the hardwood floors:


Unfinished view of the keeping room.


And finished version. I love how the stain we chose is mainly brown but let’s some of the red oak shine through.


A crappy photo of the floors in the kitchen. I promise I’ll use a real camera for the final photos.


The backsplash and hood have been installed in the kitchen as well.


The laundry room countertop and sink look great on the white cabinets.

All of the electrical and plumbing fixtures have been installed. The water and power connections are live but I want to wait for the final photos to take pictures with the lights on 🙂


Here’s the giant fan that’s in our family room.


The breakfast area fixture. I somehow forgot to take a picture of the island lighting so you’ll have to wait till next time to see.


The dining room.


And our master bedroom/bath.

Moving outside:


The driveway has been completed and the aforementioned knee-wall has been corrected by the stone masons.


A view of the sidewalk from the front stoop.


And the front landscaping has been completed.

We met our builder yesterday to make our punch-list of items we would like fixed before the house is completed. A lot is still left to do in the house, but I’ll highlight the big things in my book:

  • Complete the fenced in backyard and rear landscape
  • Finish touching up paint around the house
  • Deep clean all the rooms
  • Install the gas meter and test water heater/stove
  • 3rd and final coat of poly on the hardwood floors (another whole day, where no one else will be allowed inside)
  • System test of the HVAC

I expect my next post will have lots of pretty pictures of the (completed) house!